The Speakers

A celibate priest and two married couples will lead the day, bringing their differing perspectives; sharing their experience and knowledge of the Theology of the Body and its practical effects on their lives, and providing a basis for you to take home and take further.

Fr Chris is presently Parish Priest of St Augustine's, Stamford and thas served in the Diocese of Nottingham for 16 years

"I first came across John Paul II's Theology of the Body whilst studying in Valladolid in Spain. It was only later,as a Parish Priest, that I was able to study it more thoroughly as I sought to improve my Marriage Preparation classes.I had always sought a deeper understanding of the teaching Humanae Vitae and its obvious importance.

My experience is not as an expert but simply offering its insights to couples. I believe it can offer great graces to married couples by conveying the Church's teaching in a way which rings true to our truest experience".

David and Louise live in Nottingham and have been married for over 30 years; they have both grown-up children and teenagers. They have been teaching Natural Family Planning for most of their married lives.

"As an engaged couple may years ago, we found the teaching of the Church inspiring, and drew upon in it building our lives together. It has been exciting to see that teaching grow and develop, as deeper understandings have been expressed - especialy in John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

We know from our own lives, and from working with many couples over he years, that God talks to us through our bodies, through our married life together and through the love and the relationships of the people around us. The knowlegde of how that happens and what it means has enriched our lives, and can enrich the lives of all Christians".

Nic and Anna Allen live in Rutland and have 5 children, from tots to teenagers. Nic is a fire fighter and Anna is a stay at home mum

"Natural family planning and the Theology of the Body have blessed our marriage in multiple ways. Layer upon layer of our lives are being illuminated by the light of God’s loving plan for us as human beings through the teaching of the Theology of the Body and the practice of NFP.

We had no idea 5 years ago, when we started to embrace the church’s teaching on contraception, of the impact it was going to have on us spiritually, sexually, and emotionally , and how ultimately it was going to strengthen our marriage like nothing else.

Our prayer is that as we share our story, (from meeting in a smoky night club 17 years ago to where God’s brought us today) more folk will start to understand this teaching, and then in turn embrace it, and see their lives transformed by it too".