We are presenting three workshops, each running twice, so you can choose to attend two out of the three topics.

David & Louise Aldred

David & Louise have been married since 1981 - right in the middle of Pope St John Paul II's initial five-year series of talks introducing the Theology of the Body - and have followed the development of the underastanding of this theology throughout that time. 

They live in Nottingham, have taught natural family planning for more than 35 years, and have seen how the realisation of the deepest meanings of the body, of marriage and of family has changed the lives of many couples.

James Tranter

James works for the national pro-life charity Life, which helps thousands of women through crisis pregnancy who otherwise would have considered an abortion.

He graduated with a History degree from the University of Exeter before working for Barclays bank as a complaints handler.

He then became involved in the pro-life movement in 40 Days for Life, the Alliance of Pro-Life Students, and now Life as a Life Matters® Officer, coordinating Life’s education, media, and campaigning activities in the Midlands.